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Love Your Featherweight Class with The Machine Lady

The “Love Your Featherweight” Class with Kathy Farra (The Machine Lady) will enable the owner of a vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing machine to have confidence when cleaning and maintaining their machine to keep it running well for years to come. Kathy will discuss history of the featherweight machines, as well as go over the basic oiling and maintenance that is required to keep the machines in top working order. Kathy will also go over some common problems that are encountered with tensions and other aspects of the sewing machine.

Supplies Needed for Class:


-A fully functioning Singer 221 Sewing Machine, power cord, bobbin case and case (if the machine needs work, please call Kathy before the class to make a repair appointment)


-A large old towel to put on the table to protect the table while we work


-A flashlight or small desk lamp for your table (if desired)


-Small rags to use for cleaning the machine


-Thread (light colored thread is best) - please wind a bobbin with the same thread before the class


-Snips to cut the thread


-Needle threader if you need one

-Practice fabric (plain color, white or muslin work well) You need about 6 pieces that are 4x4 or a little bigger. We will use these to test tension and your stitch.


-Tiny screwdriver (to adjust tension)


-Regular sized straight screwdriver

-User manual if you have one


-Paper and pencil if you would like to take notes

Kathy will provide Kits with oil, lubricant, brush, bed cushions, drip pan felt, and a new needle to each student as part of the class registration fee.

She will also be bringing accessories and additional items for available for purchase.

Homework: Make sure that your Singer Featherweight is fully functional. If it is not in working condition, please contact Kathy Farra at 724-453-4449 to make an appointment to have the machine serviced before the class. We will not have time in this class to do major repairs on machines.

Spring Water Designs Class Cancellation Policy and Inclement Weather Information can be found Here on our Policies Page

Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Kathy Farra "The Machine Lady"

Love Your Featherweight Class with The Machine Lady

$ 95.00

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