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Handi Quilter Long Arm Rental Program

Spring Water Designs offers Long Arm rental on our Handi Quilter machines!

First ~ Take the Training Class…

The Long Arm Rental Classes are $75 per person and includes a hands-on class, plus two free hours of Rental Time at the first scheduled Rental. Payment is required at registration to hold your spot in the class.

          Current Upcoming class dates are:   

          Wednesday, August 12th 11:00 - 3:00
          Sunday, August 30th noon - 4:00
          Wednesday, September 23rd 11:00 - 3:00
          Sunday, September 27th noon - 4:00
          Wednesday, October 7th 11:00 - 3:00
          Sunday, October 25th noon - 4:00

(More class dates are added as these classes fill, so as not to take too many dates away from our current renters ~ watch our calendar for upcoming dates)

(Register for your choice of dates Here)

In the class you will learn how to load your quilt and the basics of using the machine, so that by the end of class you will know how to rent our machines and work within our Long Arm Rental Program to rent time on our machines to quilt a free motion all-over design on your own quilt.
Bring a snack if you like (we'll take a little break in the middle).  We supply all the materials used in the class ~ the quilt tops, backings, batting & Thread.

Experienced long arm quilters who have rented at other locations can take a Certification class in lieu of the full Basic class.  Certification fee is $35, and classes are set up by appointment and can be conducted at your rental time.  You will learn the policies for renting our machines, learn how we do things at SWD, and be asked to demonstrate that you know how to use the machines.
Handi Quilter Machine Owners who have purchased their machines from SWD do not have to take the full Basic class or pay the certification fee.  Our owners who wish to rent one of our longarms to have access to a larger machine than they own, only need to pay the Mentor fee of $15 when booking their rental date. This is to get them up and running in our Rental Program. 

Next ~ Rent a Long Arm & Get Those Quilt Tops Finished!

Once you’ve taken the Long Arm Rental Class, we invite you to rent a long arm machine by the hour and get those quilt tops made into quilts! The machines rent for $15/hour with a 4 hour minimum rental period. We block out the entire day for your rental, so you have the option on a weekday or Saturday to stay and rent for a fifth, sixth, seventh hour...
(Note that we are open noon - 4:00 on Sundays, so there is only a four hour option for renting on Sundays)

The rental fee includes thread. We provide Omni thread by Superior in many colors for renters to use as it's a good work horse thread. Once a renter has a few visits under their belt and are more experienced, they are welcome to bring their own threads to use.

Machine rental is by appointment and the hours are flexible.  We are open 7 days a week, with the exception of some holidays.  Check the website or call for current shop hours,

You will need to bring in your own tops and backs to quilt after you have taken the class. We do sell batting, so you may purchase batting from us, or you may bring in your own.  We also carry a nice selection of wide backings so you don't have to piece your backs :)

Before renting, Renters are required to purchase a Rental Start Up Kit at a discounted price from Spring Water Designs that includes a bobbin case, bobbins and needles. 

When renting machines, all renters are required to use their own bobbin case, bobbins, needles, and optional tools like: rulers, channel locks, stencils and any marking tools.  All of these things are available for purchase from Spring Water Designs. 

Rental reservations are required.  One hour of rental time must be pre-paid at the time the reservation is made.  We encourage you to schedule your first rental session within two weeks of taking the training class. 

For an additional savings, customers may also purchase a pre-paid ten-hour rental card for $125.00! (Pre-paid Rental Cards have no cash back value, can be used for rental time on the machines only, and are non-refundable).

Register for the Long Arm Rental Class Online Here, or Contact Us to register for your class ~ spaces fill up quickly!

Spring Water Designs  (410) 381-0695

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